How I got URLs links working in Teamspeak 3 (3.5.6)

I’ve got TeamSpeak installed on my Fedora 36 KDE system but I couldn’t open any URLs / hyperlinks.
After some googling, it wasn’t clear what the workaround was, but it sounds due to TeamSpeak shipping with its own QT library from the looks of it.

This is what I did to get the links working, it should also work for other KDE distributions.


My Temspeak is installed to /opt/teamspeak/

Add the below to the under the rest of the exports at the bottom


export PATH=/opt/teamspeak:$PATH`

Create xdg-open file with below contents in the TS3 /opt/teamspeak/ folder


# Script by FingerlessGloves

echo "Unsetting LD_LIBRARY_PATH for LINK..."
/usr/bin/xdg-open [email protected]

Make the xdg-open executable

chmod +x /opt/teamspeak/xdg-open

To open TeamSpeak run


You should now find URLs open now in your default browser.

Your original xdg-open could be at a different location to me. Simply do whereis xdg-open in a normal terminal on your system to find where it’s located for you.

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