How to add contacts on Teamspeak 3

Hey, so I would like to talk to my friend on TeamSpeak but I don’t know how to. When I go to tools and click “contacts” it shows something. That I can’t really figure out. Can someone help me add my friend to a dm?

TeamSpeak 3 currently has no direct messaging.
You will have to ask your friends for a server (address / ip / nickname) so you can join them.

Yeah, I tried that but when I joined a random server. He was in it. Yet it didn’t show up on my screen. It just showed I was the only one in the server. How do I fix this?

Make sure this button is clicked:
Most channel should be ticked in the server tree.
If you still can not see your friends they probably are in a channel you can not see by design.
Ask them to move them to your channel or grant you the correct permissions.

I will try that! Thank you!