How to ban higher-ups or fellow moderators on the Server you moderate

Hey guys,
considering my bug report on this has been rejected in Teamspeak’s ticketing system and I’ve been sent here, I will share my findings here with everyone: Say you triy to ban someone via the ban user button but oh no, insufficient i_client_needed_ban_power. But well, you are a mod and can see the ban list and click the funny create button. Guess what, just enter whatever information you want about the person you just could not ban, click create again and voilà, they are gone, no i_client_needed_ban_power required. Of course you could just enter the username while baning and be fine, but while you’re at it, why not add uid and IP-adress, depending on what you can get.

Should this be possible? Of course not. Will some admin play the ol’ uno-reverse-card on you by baning you back? Most likely. Can you still do a miniscule amount of trolling with this? Presumably.

Thank you for coming to my TED-talk.

P.S.: Yes I am just a lil’ salty the TS team offers a bugreport ticket option just to reject those tickets
P.P.S. I am aware of the b_client_ignore_bans permission, but did not test what happens with that set. Doesn’t really change the point though.

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What you report is definitely the case and possible that way.
But this isn’t a bug from our perspective.

With permission assigned b_client_ban_create you allow someone to ban anything he want.
No matter if target client, IP etc exists in database already or will connect in future.

Permission i_client_ban_power is only checked i_client_needed_ban_power when you want to ban a client which is actuality connected and chosen in a context menu to be banned.

This is how powers work in the perm system.

If you don’t want that social issue, trolling or whatever names we can give it to happens, is to use the ignore permission you mentioned or do not allow to create custom bans at all.