How to change Guest Query Group from Telnet

Hello, there is an option in YaTQA on “Statistics” Category called “Query guest group”. How can I change it through telnet connection?

I Tried:
serveredit serverinstance_guest_serverquery_group=2
serveredit serverinstance_guest_serverquery_group sgid=2

You do not touch the auto-generated Query Groups.

Leave them as they are.

The only thing you may change is permissions from The Guest Query but nothing else.


But I want to change it.

We do not support that and if you do you do it on your own risk. So No.

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I know how the TeamSpeak permissions work. I’m not gonna mess up with permissions. And yes, I’m doing it on my own risk. So please, how can I edit this settings through telnet connection?

When i say we do not support it, then we do not answer such questions.

The only answer to this is the one in first reply and it will not change.

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If TeamSpeak doesn’t support this feature, then why is it added?

We haven’t added a feature to edit these. Else it would be supported.

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