How to change voice port

I have a teamspeak server and I am wondering how to change the port It uses, I’m running windows 10 and I have already tried putting virtualserver_port and default_voice_port in to the parameters but both dont seem to affect the port that is used.

Should that be possible on a single main-server with no license? I have tried that with no luck.

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SSH with query works fine.

I can’t remember exactly what the return response was to my attempt, but I can give it another try.

I ended up making an ini-file, but what didn’t work either for the voice-port. Only for filetransfer-ports etc.

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Edited …

Oh, I was missing the ‘restart server’ to complete the changes :slight_smile: Works now!

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In the ini, and command line parameter, you can only change the default_voice_port, this default is only considered when making a new server. Once you have made the server it will use the voice port it was configured with unless you edit that server, as @FakE explained above.



Nice to know! Thanks :slight_smile:

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Hello everybody,

i just installed TS Server 3.13.6 on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS following this manual to use it in my LAN and with family members over the internet:

I think everything is running fine, but i cant change the Server-Port.

This is how i try to change the port numbers.

stop ts3 service: systemctl stop ts3server.service
→ TS Client disconnects immediately
edited the ts3server.ini in /usr/local/bin/teamspeak3-server_linux_amd64/
→ changed value default_voice_port= to another ramdom port number like 33333
→ also changed all other port values in the ini file to 33334, 33335, …
→ saved the file
→ i reopened the ini to check changes in the ini
start ts3 service again with systemctl start ts3server.service
→ TS Client reconnects immediately without the need to change the server port

Any Ideas whats whats the problem?

Oh, and of course, /etc/systemd/system/ts3server.service points to /usr/local/bin/teamspeak3-server_linux_amd64/

Thanks for your support.

Since you have already started the server one time, the default port is stored in the database. You have to change it via serverquery (telnet/ssh).

Here is a link where someone once wrote a short instruction: How to change voice port - #2 by FakE

Thank you, this helps to understand the problem.

Tried this howto, but i failed, because i never created a password for serveradmin till now, so i wasnt able to login. Blank password doesnt work.

Found this how to reset serveradmin password:

I started ts3 with the minimal script and the serveradminpasswort switch and without the inifile-switch. TS3 started but not as a service.

Then, i connected with ssh and logged in as serveradmin and tried the serveredit virtualserver_port=33333 command but i got:

error id=1538 msg=invalid\sparameter

Just to let you know…

I reinstalled TS3 and everthing is working now.


i logged in to the ts3 serverquery interface with putty ssh successfully and tried to change the voice port but it does not work. I get some kind of error.

As explained here:

i tried the following command:

serveredit virtualserver_port=MYPORT

but i get this error “error id=1538 msg=invalid\sparameter”. Looks like its not quite right. Can anyone tell me how i can change the voiceport with the right command ?

Thank you

You can easily change the port using the YaTQA program.

  1. Connect to your server via serveradmin (you need to know serveradmin password)
  2. Go to Servers
  3. Double click on your server
  4. Change port
  5. Restart the server

Download YaTQA -

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Did you follow step 1 to select the server?

@Computerjul Let me know if you managed to change it.

The used how to won’t work. The virtual server must be stopped and then selected with virtual start.

Like this.

login serveradmin yourpassword
serverstop sid=1
use sid=1 -virtual
serveredit virtualserver_port=9988
use sid=0
serverstart sid=1


That worked pretty well thank you. And this is way more convinient than the command line query interface