How to check Computer Age?

Hi Everyone! How to check what is age of Computer? When did It installed it for the first time? I am in search of this because I am going to buy a second hand laptop and I wanna check it’s original date.

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You can never be sure how many times Windows (or other OS) has been reinstalled. So it’s not worth looking there. However, there are several simple ways to check the age.

  • search for the model of your laptop (serial number or model name).
  • check which hardware is installed (e.g. processor model --> date of manufacture)

Technically, you can still check the bios. It does indeed store the original installation date, but it is not full-proof!

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One piece of advice from my side. If you choose a laptop that is at least 6-7 years old. In any case, replace the hard drive. The best thing is to replace it with an SSD. This will give you an immense speed improvement. And if you feel up to it, the thermal paste as well. If necessary, clean the fan.

You don’t have to worry so much about the other components. The CPU, for example, will last tens of years. If a laptop still works after years, it’s a good sign that it will last a long time.

That’s what I love about old laptops. You can upgrade them so easily. If you need it for work/school/university, a laptop like this is perfectly adequate.


Thank You @Dr_Pepps for your detailed answer. Yesterday, I searched my query on Google and finally got an article with detailed answer. My problem is resolved now. Thank you once again.

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