How to connect my domain to TS3?

Hi, I have rented a ts3 with this address ( I don’t know the port) and I want to redirect it to my domain with the following subdomain How could I do it? I use cloudflare. Thanks in advance

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The problem is that I don’t know the port, could I do it anyway?

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If you already have a domain name with an A(AAA) record pointing to the TS3 server ip, you can just add the SRV record 3600 IN SRV 0 100 9987

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post the actual domain name, then we can tell you. Or you can just try the default port of 9987 and see if that works.

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real domain is

1 Like it has been working for 3 months aprox

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better create these 3 DNS records: 3600 IN A 3600 IN SRV 0 100 14926 3600 IN SRV 0 100 14926

Afterwards you will be able to connect with or

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is that so?

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completely unnecessary due to the SRV records. Totally not recommended if you want to use the domain for anything else.

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You seem to have forgotten the dot at the end. Those are important. It might be though that the interface automatically adds them and doesn’t display them. Not sure about that as everyone handles that differently in their interfaces. Given that there is a warning icon in front of it, I would assume it is necessary though.
So add the dot after the as indicated.

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I put it but when saving the system it deletes it automatically. The triangle is a warning that it is exposing my ip (it is normal in cloudflare)

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Yeah and the records are already working it appears.
So you should be able to connect to your server using your domain now.

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it doesn’t work right now, at least in ts3

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It doesn’t work either. I guess it will be a matter of time. Thanks for the help

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You must disable CloudFlare proxy for the ts3 A record

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Just use TeamSpeaks’ nickname service, which is easy to set up and very easy to remember too. :slight_smile:

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When you are building a community, it makes sense that every service is available via the same domain. It’s basically like a brand.

Also, server nicknames are part of a proprietary system owned and controlled by TeamSpeak. We already had cases where the server nickname resolver was down and users suddenly couldn’t connect anymore.

DNS however is a standardized distributed system which has proven to be mostly reliable for many years now.

Therefore, I consider server nicknames a gimmick that people should probably not rely on. TeamSpeak’s proprietary eco system just isn’t as reliable as a worldwide network such as DNS.

Some less tech-savy people I talked to don’t even understand server nicknames. They know how to use IP addresses and domains and the concept of having an arbitrary bunch of letters which is neither confuses them.


Hello, I added an SRV register for my subdomain to connect to my TS3 with my personalized address, but I still need to enter the port, example:

Current address:
Desired address: (no door, only domain)

What did I do wrong?


The attached image shows my SRV record
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Thank you and excuse my ignorance.

My hosting did not understand your message, could you tell me which records should be created? A, SRV, CNAME, AAAA, CAA

As I showed in the previous image, I only have 1 SRV record created and I still need the door for the personalized address

If I try to create 2 SRV records my panel will duplicate error and will not let me create.

What did you mean?
“Make sure is a valid A (AAA) record.”
Do I need an A record?

Thank you.

ok, thank you!!!