How to fix "local accounting reports an already running instance"

Hi can u help me to fix this
Every 20sc a log file with that is created how I can fix this plz

Seems like you created a new server while the old one is still running.

Did you want to do an update on your server? Then please stop the old one and replace its files with the new server package files and start it again.


So what does your “No” mean?

Please check with the command: ps -e if there is another TeamSpeak Server running
and kill or stop the process and try again.

Just one is running

Found one Solution in the Old Forum:

Try this

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I don’t have anything
I just do rm ?
I don’t have files with numbers

  1. It seems that you have running a script that tries to start the server every 20 seconds. Sure this will fail when a server is running already.
    Please find out what you did during the installation.

  2. You are running the server as root.
    Please stop the already running process and allow a non root user to run that. Then start the server as non root user.


I stop the server and isn’t restarting… I have no script :x

But do u have one to autostart teamspeak when it crash without having this spam log ?
Ok my ts is stop now and I cannot start it anymore ??

We do not auto restart the server in any case.

It’s because there is a ts server process running already and using the needed ports.

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I shutdown everything… :frowning:

But there is still something using the port.

Try to find out which software is using the ports.

You may try this command (untested from my side) or any netstat command in case you system still supports it.
ss -tulpn | grep LISTEN | grep :10011

netstat -tulpen

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Ok first one => do nothing
Second :
How I can change the port ? :thinking:

None of the server ports are showing in your image? You may past full output.

Changing ports is explained/discussed here.

But you should find out what is using the ports. Because you will run into the first error again if the other server process wasn’t stopped.

Wildest guess from me:

Ps it could be that you bought a cheap machine where RAM and ports are shared that’s why all of this happens.

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Its the full one

Ok u can lock I understand no one can helped me. Have a nice day

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