How to join multiple channels in TS5?

I feel really stupid asking this, but I’ve been clicking around the whole app for some while and just can’t find the right way to do it…

How can I listen and/or talk in different channels at the same time?

In TS3 you were able to open multiple channels in multiple tabs, but this seems to be gone.

Thanks in advance

It’s easy: Either connect to more servers via the search bar in the upper left corner or connect to more servers via your bookmarks.
Your different server tabs are then displayed on the left (varies depending on the client design).



Thanks @Cornelius for the very quick help!

That solves my problem of beeing able to listen to multiple channels at once.
But is there a way to be able to be heard/to talk across multiple channels at once? because atm whenever i change the server, the other one gets muted.
This way i can only talk to one channel at the time.

To clarify why I need this: I want to setup TS for a small Stream production at which the producer should be able to talk to all different channels whereas others should only be able to talk within their group

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Easiest would be for the producer to whisper to the corresponding channels.


Thanks @Gamer92000 that should actually work well!

Last question: Ist it possible to have bookmarks for seperate Whisper Lists in the bookmark bar on the left?