How to limit a max number of identities an IP can create to connect to my server

There is a friend of mine on my server that is a bit annoying sometimes so when I block him he can’t poke me or text me, but he is creating different identities (Tools>Identities>Create), so when creating and connecting again to the server is like a new user on the server, so it is unblocked for me, and he can poke and text me again, and I have to block again and this so many times…
So I was wondering if anyone has the solution to deny to all users to create infinite identities.


  • I have tried to limit this permission (i_client_max_clones_uid) but did not work.
  • I have access to ServerQuery and any file of the ts3 server config.

Thanks in advance,

You can easily remove permissions i_client_poke_power for “guests” so that they cannot poke.
And you can give permission “poke power” to others that you want them to have “poke power”.

You have to make new group for example “Poke power” and give that group to users to whom you want to have that permission.

Hi @opZ1ca, yes, I was thinking in that, but I am looking to only deny the ability to enter to my server with other identities.

But if there is no option for this, I will do this.

The permission you mentioned is “i_client_max_clones_uid” (Max additional connections per client identity) but that won’t stop him from creating a new identity.

I would recommend you to create a special group for poke power.

That’s possible but also stupid :slight_smile:

Put a password on the server and don’t tell anyone or him the password.
Now give a permanent server group (like Normal) the ability to ignore the server password.
Then give your special friend and your other friends this group.

Now he can only join when using the identity he had when group was granted.