How to limit user access in certain rooms?

I have a TeamSpeak server and I have the following problem:

I need to create an exclusive room for groups of users.

The problem is that TeamSpeak, as far as I know, works with permission levels, where the higher your permission, the greater your access, so that a room configured with access level 75, can only be accessed by users who previously in a group with income>> 75.

And this is where my question / problem comes in, I will simplify it to facilitate understanding: I have Room A and Room B, group X and group Y, where group X can only enter room A and group Y only in room B .

With the settings I am aware of, if I put group X with input power = 60 and group Y with 50 for example, group X will be able to access Room A and Room B, however group Y will be able to access only the room B .

i think thats impossible, if I were you I would put that channel A has max users 0 and needed join power eg 30 and group X have join power 30 and ignore max clients and channel A have needed join 30, and then group Y have join power 40 (without ignore maxclients) and channel B 40 needed join power.