How to link my mobile account to my PC account?

Hi guys!

I’m in trouble to link my mobile account to my PC account. Both of them have the same e-mail, but when I connect, they look like two different user. I want to change my picture and some things in my PC, but when I come back to the phone it hasn’t change at all. Do you know how can I link it?
Thanks !

Are you 100% sure you’re connected on both devices to the same account? It’s not possible to ”link” it, as logging to the same account is exactly that.

Also, what do you exactly mean by



Do you mean two distinct server users? Two distinct myTS accounts? Or what else?

Yes, I’m sure it’s the same account
I think I get it: it’s necessary to create identities and log in with them so the server recognize the user.
Thank you!

Yes, you’re correct. If you want to connect to some server on multiple devices, you need to use Identities. Thankfully, if you haven’t changed anything, these should synchronize.

In any case, if you can, go to Options > Identites (I would recommend on PC, as it’s easier there) and check if they’re synchronized. If they are, no need to worry. If not, check if you’re logged in to correct acc once more and also if synchro is turned on. From what I can remember there is a option to force synchronization and if there’s such possibility, use it.

Thank you so much! It worked fine.

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