How to mute / unmute the mic directly without toggle?


how can I assign a direct key for each option: mute / unmute / toggle?

On TS3 this was hidden in advanced:

I can’t seem to find this on TS5:

Currently I can only seem to select one of the three and add multiple hotkeys for that selected option (e.g. mute).
I cannot assign an option (mute / unmute / toggle) to a key though - or is there a hidden way?

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Awesome, that worked! I guess I had not tried to click outside first so it accepts the keypress. It always tried to assign the LMB click as a hotkey.

Thanks for that animation! :slight_smile:

Yea, I had the headache as well… :rofl: Your LMB is actually ignored “for now” because there were some issues with it in the past.

I don’t consider it really user friendly either. You could maybe set the hitbox of the key binding smaller (like a button) and not for the whole line entry. I think it supposed to prevent missclicking outside the box what cause the entry is empty and will be deleted again if there is no hotkey set.
…but you could also solve it by simply setting the default key to “not assigned”.

Actually after a day of use I noticed there’s another issue with this setup or maybe I’m too blind again to find the correct setup:

In TS3 you had the ability to differentiate keypress up and down
In TS5 it’s only keypress combined with an action switch or a toggle.

The result is you can’t configure a hotkey that allows you to mute yourself only while having a key pressed and while you are NOT on PTT.
Furthermore that action (e.g. mute the microphone) is not triggered on press but on release. Meaning if you set let’s say ctrl + m for mute, it’ll not mute on press but on release.

Attached is how it works on TS3 - mute on press, unmute on release or vice versa (depending on origin state)