How to only allow creation of only sub-channels in a specific area?


Im setting up a server right now and i want that everyone can create temporary channels BUT only as a subchannel in a specific area. I can not find out how i can do that. I would appreciate any help.

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You you want to have one channel that people add a sub channel to right?

To do that right click the channel and click Channel Permissions. There you set the permissions b_channel_create_child as well as b_channel_create_temporary

In the default group you need to specify which channel they can create. For example what Codec or if you wan’t to force a password. But remove b_channel_create_child and b_channel_create_temporary so that these permissions are only granted if the user is inside the channel.

b_channel_create_modify_with_codec_opusvoice or b_channel_create_modify_with_codec_opusmusic needs to be granted in order for the user to create a channel

i_channel_min_depth and i_channel_max_depth should be 1 to make sure that the user can only create a channel with the depth of 1.

Now if the user joins this channel he can create a sub channel below that channel.

Thank you very much. The issue is that the channel i want people to make temporary sub channels in is a placeholder and they can not and should not be able to join in that placeholder channel “Lounge”. Only in those sub channels 1-3 you see in the picture.

So i want people to be able to create subchannels inside lounge but that is not doable because they need access to the placeholder channel to get these permissions. The important part for is that it looks good. Thats why i want them to only make channels that are directly under the other 3 channels. Maybe there is another way to make this possible ?


So this is what i want:


And this is what i do not want:


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Unfortunately I don’t think there is a solution for that. Maybe someone else knows how to achieve that. :confused:

Alright. I just found a good solution and created a new placeholder category for temporarry channels which users can join to create subchannels in it. Thank you for the assistance.