How to remove Host Message as Admin

For some reason, I can not remove the Host message “Welcome” under Manage Virtual Server. I am the admin, but that section of the page is grayed out. I am fairly new to this admin position, but my guru mentor told me I should be able to see that “Welcome” message (not grayed out) and remove it or change it…I can not. Can someone would point me in the right direction?

You need the b_virtualserver_modify_welcomemessage permission. Easiest to check is with the permission overview. Just right-click on yourself, click on permissions, then permission overview. There you can search for this permission and check why you do not have it.

I followed what you suggested and I see that the line to Modify Virtual Server Host Message has a value of 0 when all others have a value of 1
Admin permissions
I do not know how to change the value if that is the problem…? Thanks

By filtering for that specific permission in the overview you can easily trace from where this propagates. It could be a server group permission, channel group, client-specific, or even channel-client-specific.

If it’s a rented server it could be that you are not allowed to change this contractually, and thus don’t have the permission to do so.

Thanks for the quick reply, I know 2 other TS3 server admins that are using and they haven’t had this issue with that permission because they removed their Host Message, one of them is the guru who had been helping me with the game and TS3 setups. He thought that somehow my Privilege key was no longer being recognized, but the server company gave me a new key this morning and I don’t think that is the problem now…? No clue!
Thanks again for helping me find where the problem lies.