How to report a TS Server/Community who is attacking


I am requesting the TS developers to look into this serious matter.

I am getting DDOs’d since almost a week and i am trying my best to mitigate the attacks. I wasn’t sure why or who is doing the attacks until now but today the guy who comes to attack and troll didn’t use any proxies and came up with his own country name and IP. I also traced him back to a Teamspeak Community.

Now I am not sure why they are attacking but this is unfair. I want to know if we can report a server/community who is launching attacks regularly and whether the TS developers would like to take some serious action on it. I don’t know if that community is sponsored or owns an activation license but ddos attacks is not fair.

I am requesting you guys to please take this matter seriously and stop the attacks or its pointless buidling and hosting community servers of teamspeak if ppl keep on ddosing us everyday.

There’s not really much that can be done about DDOS attacks, TeamSpeak as a company cannot prove anyone is behind the attacks.

If you’re having that much of a problem you could contact the authorities as these are illegal but it likely wont lead anywhere as you’re not a business suffering a financial loss due to the attacks.

I am aware that TS won’t be able to do much because this is not in their policy. Giving valid proofs won’t matter much either. I guess I’d have to go to their server and see if they want to stop the attack or just keep on going in which case there is nothing I can do.

First of all, you have to be very careful with such accusations. Solid proof is required before you even suggest it was a given person.

Secondly, TeamSpeak is not the police of the internet. You have law enforcement in your country who deal with such situations and courts that settle such disputes if you take it that far, with the solid proof I mentioned.

The attack is coming from a botnet mate, there is no way you can prove the attack is coming from one single source except the fact that I found the guy who came to threaten on my server to attack and then I found his teamspeak server. Its just stupid to keep this topic up I know but I suggest teamspeak should have a report system to report servers that are publically breaking all the legal rules and all.

TS Mods can close this topic now I don’t wanna make a public spectacle out of this I am just too pissed and helpless to stop this mess.

This would end up being abused with false accusations by people attempting to screw each other over.

Every system has fault mates. Doing nothing has caused people to launch these stupid attacks as lockdown is overbearing for some depressed kids to do such stupid actions even on a VOIP server lol.

But this system would do nothing to prevent it, they’ll be assholes regardless.

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Then I’m afraid your accusations also have no base and threats do not mean guilt.

I’m not siding with anyone and I understand attacks are annoying, but without solid proof you can’t get anywhere.

Alternatively, I’d suggest a better host who can take these attacks and give you a better experience.

Like as I said in my above post I am not here to make a public spectacle and I’d rather request the mods to close the topic and dump it. I was mostly interested in knowing what a TS developer would say about this and not your opinion sir.

Email their support team instead of making a post on their public forum then.

if you got the guy ip who attacking you just simply report it to the police…

The stupid noob is from Pakistan, he personally wanted to talk to me and said he won’t stop attacking my server. And they have their own ts server.

Do you think a third world failed state like Pakistan would give a flying fuck about a ddoser?

Its my mistake to post this stupid stuff here anyway. Sorry.

Or alternatively move to a provider that has better anti-ddos protection like OVH or a OVH reseller.

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pretty sure if someone is booting you off is with a reason though



Doesn’t really make much sense.

Did you mean:

“Pretty sure if someone is booting you off, they have a reason to do so”?

yes pal

Okay, but I highly doubt anyone’s actual reason for DDOS’ing a TeamSpeak server is even a legitimate one in any ethical way.