How to restore the toolbar in the TS window

I inadvertently disabled the floating window toolbar in TeamSpeak and I don’t know how to make it reappear

Do a right-clickt on Help and then select Enable Toolbar


Thanks for your quick answer but, unfortunately it doesn’t work with 3.5.7 beta 1 (the one I must use with Mac Big Sur)
A friend of mine (using 3.5.6 on Mac with Mojave) told me to right-click in the top left corner of the window to get the menu you are talking about but it does not work either.

Sure on Mac this won’t work that way. Make a right click next to a server tab and select Toolbar.


The right click displays the contextual menu only when the toolbar is present.
If I uncheck the toolbar, (Barre d’outils in french) this menu is no longer displayed with a right click and there is no way to recover it.
(I had to uninstall TeamSpeak completely and then reinstall it to get this toolbar)

I think it should be considered as a bug



OK. This works. But this menu only appears when the server tabs are selected and the tab itself is displayed.

You are right.
It needs a clickable space and that does not exist while there is no server tab shown or the toolbar itself.


Can we consider this as a “mini bug” to eradicate before the final version?

That’s indeed a design decision that was made ~2009/2010 with the limitation that we had with apps.