How to retrieve server admin?

Hello there,

I was following this article to retrieve my server admin, because i do not have access anymore to my device which is broken(where i first issued TS server)…

I managed to did all steps and i received the client_login_password .
But after that, i have no idea how to retrieve my rights once im on my teamspeak server, how im supposed to use that password that i got via tele connection? Hope i can find answer here because i wasn’t able to find it anywhere…

After hour of searching i managed to find right answer along incorrect ones…
You need to generate new privilege key via Telnet (i recommend PuTTY) then:

login serveradmin yourpassword
use sid=1
tokenadd tokentype=0 tokenid1=6 tokenid2=0
YOUR NEW TOKEN (copy the token, connect to your server, go to permissions -> use privilege keys and paste it right there!)

You’re done!

Hope this thread will help someone else in the future, it was really difficult to find out how this whole process works…

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