How to setup some features on TS5

can someone make some advice how to change some stuff on TS5?

  1. How to automatically join the server without useless clicking bookmark on left panel?
  2. How to hide/delete left side panel?
  3. How to add chat panels like TS3 have on bottom? I really like to see at least actual room and global server room at once
  4. How to change chat window to bottom and not the right side?
  5. How to make room description stuff much smaller? Why do someone need giant rectangles with few words about number of users and not interesting information?

I really hope that number 1, 2 and 4 will be possible because it is so annoying and one big NO :frowning:

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Sadly, right now the answer to all your questions is…


You can’t do anything from your list, at least with default theme.

Maybe you can do it with custom themes, but I haven’t touched it myself, not even really learned how-to with them. There is some guide how to do it if you’re curious, peeps talked about it on forum.

Screenshot 2021-11-15 150131
right click on bookmark -> Edit -> scroll down until “connect on startup”

Screenshot 2021-11-15 150131
right click on bookmark -> Edit -> scroll down until “connect on startup”

I already did that but you still have to click to bookmark on left panel. It reminds me something simmilar… what could it be… Discord? :rofl:

If you could read you would see that it says this is REPEATED from a previous session which means you must have been on this server before. Also, why are you comparing 2 different platforms that have nothing to do with each other? if you have a problem with this kind of thing, you need to find something else.

I can read. I am joining one same server again and again but still you have to click that server in left panel bookmarks after TS starts.

Themes means something that can change GUI? I am not looking for something that just change colors but something that change whole GUI. I dont care colors so much but buttons and their arrangement is really matters. Is there really something that can do such thing? I found only some stupid colors and wallpaper changers. If there is somethig that will change TS5 to TS3 look it will be great! Maybe somethig classic theme or something?

As I said, I’m not 100% sure it’s possible. I just said that there might be a possibility.

From what I remember from some time back when creating themes wasn’t even a feature and somebody figured out how you can tinker with original files, TS5 themes (or the whole GUI) are based, if I recall correctly, on CSS, QSS or something similar.

I might be wrong with this, as I was playing with it over a year ago.

If that’s the case and if it’s really CSS or QSS, then it might be possible to change how stuff looks the way you want.

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It is a while now that I asked this so I want to ask again because I cant still find it.
Can TS5 finaly connect to server like TS3 do and not like Discord? What I mean is automatic connection to your defaut server with your rooms and not just some list of your bookmarks. So autoconnection to same room (optionaly probably) where you see server rooms.
Please dont answer anything else that ends in some void space where you dont see server rooms.

So this is good:

and this is no good:

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