How to stay connected to server when closing app


I like to keep my phone’s list of recently used apps clean / empty. With discord, I can close the app and it stays connected to the call. With the latest TeamSpeak3 Mobile client, when I close the app, it disconnects me from the server/call. How do I prevent this from happening?


You can only minimize the app, to stay connected to the Server. If you close the App it can no longer run so it disconnects from the Server. Logical App behaviour.

Maybe this is a question for the developers…

I know Discord does this (there is an icon in the Notification bar when I’m in call and it stays connected even when app is closed). I’ve written my own app that does this too (starts a Foreground Service that puts an icon in the notification bar and it stays running even when the app/Activity is closed).

How can this be done with TeamSpeak3 Mobile client?

I have not said that it is not possible. The App just does not support this behaviour. When closing the App most people think that the App is closed and does NOT continue running in the background.

As you said it probably can be done, but there is currently no development on the mobile App. → last update was in November 2022. And the updates before that came in 2020… All of these did not contain any new features. They were just to either fix stuff or to support newer Server versions.