How to use a recovery key

Hello there, my ts3 client has a problem yesterday so i re installed it, but before that i made a recovery key and i saved it to a txt file. after when i installed ts3 again i didnt know how to use the recovery key. I searched on google and all topics were talking about a notification on top down right which will guide you to a small window to put the key there but all of this didnt happen to me, i mean that i didnt find a place to put my key and the notification didnt appear to me and thats all i get
Please Help!!!

You do not need the key as long you did not reset your myTS password.

You only need it when you need to recover your synced account data after you did reset your myTS account password.

In that case:
You see a Exclamation mark on the bottom and there you do a right click.

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PLEASE explain:)

Click the exclamation mark. Then enter your recovery key.


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i acutally did but it only shows me “show errors” and “clear errors” as you can see in the picture

Try the other icon left to it. Don’t know your theme/icon pack.

If both do not offer any option for recovery. Then recovery isn’t needed.


then what to do all my permessions and level on the server are lost i want them back:))

Why did you loose them???
I don’t get what problem you had?

Did you make a password reset and then saved the key?
Or what?

Please lift the clouds.

When you do not have access to your identity any longer then someone else must assign permissions back or you do it when you own the server.

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i had a problem on my ts3 and i was obligated to re install it in order to fix the problem
that s it
and thank you :smiley: they gave me my permessions but i will miss my level :smiley:
Have a great day :slight_smile:

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