I accidentally removed my server admin

I’m mad, I can’t figure out how to get server admin back on my server. I’m the only one in it.

I’ve looked at all the other support things and they do not work please help before I punch my monitor

Are you the creator of the server?

If you have created the server, you got a server query login file. In order to that file you can login to the query via Putty, YaTQA, etc. After logging in you can add your client to serveradmin.

If you are not the creator of the server, you may ask your server provider.

Question 1:
Do you host your server yourself, meaning you have access to the Admin Server Query group?

If yes

Question 2:
Do you still have the password for the “serveradmin” account? (received upon the first start up of your TeamSpeak 3 server)

If yes…

If you do not know how to use Server Query (telnet), please take a look at this thread:
Please connect to your server with your Client. Having done so, please go to Permissions -> Server groups. Now get the number in parentheses behind the group you need to be in (e.g. Server Admin (6) => 6)
Using this knowledge, you can create a new token for yourself. Connect to the Query Interface using any telnet client (e.g. putty). The Default query port is 10011. Once connected issue the following commands in order, replacing anything written in ALL_CAPS_LIKE_THIS with the appropriate information.

login serveradmin PASSWORD
tokenadd tokentype=0 tokenid1=SERVERGROUP_ID_GAINED_ABOVE tokenid2=0

The output should be something like
Now in your client, click on Permissions, Use Privilege Key and enter the key you have just received.

Question 3:
Is anybody else on the server able to pass on the admin permissions to you?

If yes…

Ask another admin to grant you your old permissions.

If no…

In this case you will need to contact your host. Just ask him kindly to create a new privilege key for you.

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In newer clients this group ID is not shown as described, so if you don’t see it you just need to hover your mouse pointer over the group and the ID will be shown in a tooltip that pops up.

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You are right… it was in the Old Client.

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Lmfao I own a server & I removed my perms from the server by mistake & I can’t do anything on my server, I need an admin to give me an new Privilege key or something… help please

Do you still have server query access? You may can find the login-data in one of the first logs, when the server was created.

Otherwise you’ll have to reset your server, when you lost quite every internal (and external) access.

Yeah I do not have the logs sadly, so how do I reset the server lmfao

Do you have access to the server files and the process?
Are you able to start and stop the TeamSpeak server?

If yes then changing the server query password still is possible to grant yourself access again.
(somewhere here in the forum, reset/change serveradmin password)

If not all channels are settings will be lost.
Deleting the SQLite database files should be enough to create a new instance.
If you want to do a clean install then remove the whole root directory of your server and download the latest version of TeamSpeak again.

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