How to use TS3 without Google Play Store?

As the topic how to use TS3 with Huawei phone? thx!

By having a Android phone with Google Play Store installed.
This store is the only way to get the app.


So, only GMS be supported right?

You can Download the Google Play Store on Huawei and then you can buy the TeamSpeak 3 App (not offical)

You are kidding me…
Huawei Phone now serviced by HMS not GMS.

Oh! I see. not offical. got you. thx

It depends mostly on the Huawei Phone, in my case The Play Store is installed.

Well, I’m using Harmoney 2.0 . I tried “Gspase” and failed. Maybe other way can worked. So I came to here want to get a solution. But I think that’s a problem right now.

If you really want to get TeamSpeak on your phone you can try to install over a third-party app the Play Store (just google for it), but be careful that you didn’t get any kind of Virus.

Thanks for guiding me. I’ll think about it.