Hyperlinks in pinned messages are hard to mark with mouse

On 5.0.0-52.1, Windows (unsure if other client OS effected), pinned messages in rooms with hyperlinks are difficult to click on. When hovering, the mouse will change from hyperlink-clickable to normal guide rapidly. You must bring the mouse to a complete halt in order to click it.

Replicate this by dragging your mouse from the beginning of a hyperlink to the end of it, the mouse should change rapidly. You can only get a constant clickable link by using the space below the hyperlink. This effects all Display size settings.


Never noticed that one. Will forward it to our devs.


Not entirely sure of where this is on the roadmap. However, I would like to report for your records that this bug is still present in Beta 53. Best.

Note from Mod: post merged to existing thread

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Create your own chat channel.
  2. Copy and paste this [text](https://community.teamspeak.com/t/server-3-13-5/22672?) into the chat and pin it.
  3. Hover at the end of the URL
  4. Notice how it has an issue with the tooltip.