I always get an error whenever I want to connect to my teamspeak server

Hello, I have got a problem since 3.5.6 came out I decided to download it and upgrade it, Since I did it I got errors like, <17:54:16> The TeamSpeak server could not validate your myTeamSpeak ID. Some myTeamSpeak related services are not available.
<17:54:16> Reconnecting might solve the issue., And also since I upgrade my teamspeak I can’t use my bookmarks. Please help. Would be apreciated.

Check this :slight_smile:

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What @Stefan92 said, with a small change - latest stable server version is 3.13.3.

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It doesn’t matter, I have used 3.1.10 for ages and havent had this problem since I tried upgrading it to 3.5.6, I don’t know what to do I also can’t see any icons now.

It does. We can not fix the past and your server version is the past.


Alright but can you fix the problem with my icons? I can’t see any.

please tell me more infos

Sure, Ill send you some examples. Screenshot by Lightshot Screenshot by Lightshot

Try this

Where can I find it? like the location file

The folder path for the icons is the following.

Assuming that the server may have files uploaded inside channels and users have avatars it’s recommended to copy the whole “files” folder.


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