I am currently a sponsor of TeamSpeak, but I'm running out of slots as we're busier. Can we ask for more slots?

First of all, congratulations on increasing the servers traffic through your actions!

Yes you can indeed request to increase this if you are getting too busy to let everyone in. You will need to email the sponsorship team ([email protected]) and include:

  1. A screenshot of the servers current struggle
  2. Details of your current agreement (so please share your sponsorship ID, or license details with the team so they can easily locate you)
  3. If you have a site which shows your current traffic, share this as then we can see what’s happening over a period of time.

We can quickly establish the struggle and then we can give the server a “level up”.

Note: If you are hosting an upcoming tournament and just need a temporary boost in slots, we can accommodate this as well, as long as we can see the tournament and what’s involved on your website or on your social media.