I am on a waiting list for a year

I am on a waiting list for a year, I have sent request for Beta last year I think, but I have nothing in my mail or badge “Test”.

Use Badge Code: multipass or rehgaming

Dont know if the codes are already expired

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thanks a lot :smiley:

Thanks a lot mate. Can you give me more useful codes for expired or “can’t redeem anymore” badges?

No there is no way to reedem expired badges . :frowning:


It is my pleasure to meet teamspeak support team!
Today I have a very simple question.

Which is about Beta Testing Badge.
I applied to get that badge 1 week ago I think. I hoped that I’ll get that badge soon as possible. But my friends saying it will take several months to receive that badge.

So, In this cause, I’d like to confirm the date that I getting that badge. Can anyone add that badge to me soon as possible? I don’t force guys. I know you guys having a lot of works to do and is busy all the time. But I hope I’ll get that badge soon as possible.

Best Regards,
FoUnDeR! | A TeamSpeakUser.
Peace out!

Look at the Thread that @LeonMarcelHD already mentioned
then you will found two Badge Codes that you can use. :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot bro!

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