I can not change my password

If i put current password, new pasword and confirm new password, and then hit change password, the button not working… i am looking 2 hours of “processing” button…

Hello @Gemba
The Password Change is working for me on the myTeamSpeak Website.
Have you any 3rd Party Plugins installed in your Browser?
It could be, that a Plugin is blocking the Process.

Alternatively, you can use a different browser and try it there.

Please press F12 before doing a change on the website
and check the console for errors like “gcm tag doesn't match

Otherwise, please create a Support Ticket and make sure that you select the Request Type: Account Query and provide much details as you can for your myTeamSpeak Account and maybe the Staff can fix / sort out the problem. :slight_smile:

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Hey @Gemba, welcome to the teamspeak forum!

Sorry to hear that you’re experiencing this issue. The password reset on myTS works fine for me and we haven’t seen any issues with the service.

As Rikku said, please make sure that you deactivate any third-party plugins in your browser that could interfere with the functionality of the website and try using a different browser.

Please also check your console by pressing “F12” on your keyboard and watch out for any errors that are displayed, especially the error “gcm: tag doesn’t match”.

If you see the error “gcm: tag doesn’t match”, this means that the current entered password does not match the encryption in our database.

If this still doesn’t fix your issue, please reply again and we’ll look further into it!


Yep, i see the error, what that basically means? I dont understand it from “does not match the encryption in our databse” what i should do now?

You can follow the steps in this post to solve the issue. It also explains why this error occurred in the first place.

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So if i don’t have a recovery key i’m out of luck?

Not necessarily. As the post Leon referred to stated, you might need the recovery key. If it is required and you don’t have it, you can still perform a fallback - this would delete your synced bookmarks and identities. But I feel like you should be fine and not need the recovery key.

Another theoretical idea: If the client asks for a recovery key but you don’t have it, it could maybe be possible to generate a new one with a somewhat old TeamSpeak 3 client (idk which one exactly, but around 3.3 might work).