I cannot connect to a specific server

Hello, the other day i was on the only TS server i go on when my internet went out completely. After my internet came back on i cannot connect back to the server. I have tried updating, uninstalling. making a new account, checking my firewall, and checking other people can join the server and they all can, and i tried various other minor ways and so far nothing has worked.

Every time i do try to connect to the server i get the error sound with 'failed to connect to server with it. If anyone can give me some help or guidance it would be much appreciated thanks.

Can you try using a VPN to connect?
In short terms:
Your windows firewall isn’t the only one in between you and the server.

Also please move this thread to TeamSpeak 3 Client as your are not using the all new TeamSpeak (5) client!

try to join with different pc or with mobil client, and as @Gamer92000 said try with vpn .
i think its not client problem.
ensure your ip is not blacklisted .
try to connect with domain or nick instead of ip.