I cannot upload files to my server!

I cannot upload files to channels etc on my own Ts although I have the rights to do that (Server Admin). The buttons are like disabled! Can you upload files to your Ts? :thinking:

If the buttons are disabled there is probably something wrong with your permissions. You also posted in the wrong category, this one is for the new client. Old one is here.
Which client version are you running?


No, I have Ts5 the newest version and I´m the owner of the Teamspeak Server and have all permissions.
But maybe it can be the reason because I have a Ts3 server :thinking:

Up & Download has not yet been implemented on TS5


There is no TS 5 server. There is only one TeamSpeak server that is for both clients. :slight_smile:

That is not right. There are the free beta servers for TeamSpeak 5 only which can only be used with TeamSpeak 5.


Not so, TeamSpeak 3.5 connects to those! :slight_smile:


Thank you Mate <3

Oh you are right. Blame on me @D0mm4S . I tried to spread FAKE NEWS.


Obviously, that’s still not clear to everyone and it causes confusion and leads people to make assumptions about the direction in which TeamSpeak 5 is and isn’t heading.


Now, I’m even more confused. Is there going to be a TeamSpeak 5 server or not?

As @D0mm4S correctly said, there’s no TeamSpeak 5 server - the free beta servers required some changes that happened to make it into TS 5 first, but both 3/5 use the same server!


NO! Only one server for both versions :smiley: The free servers run a custom server that won´t leave TeamSpeak.