I cant close the Volume Toolbox

This is the problem if anyone can help me out please !

this is an addon? volume toolbox?

im not sure, i always use discord not teamspeak. ive tried downloading teamspeak also doesnt work.

You can’t or you don’t know how to?

Right click anywhere in the area of the menu or tool bar -> Uncheck Volume Toolbox.


oh , i never use this toolbox :thinking:
i find everything in settings :smiley:

Ok, somehow I managed to pop open this Volume Toolbox and I have no freaking idea on how I opened this or how to close it. It’s a great idea, but the interface implementation is horrible if there’s not a simple intuitive way to close the dang thing. Seriously, where is the option to show/hide this thing?

Try the following:

Left click on the title “Volume Toolbox”, hold left click and move the mouse away.

This should pop-out the toolbox to a new window which can be closed after.

That would be nice, but it’s not working in 3.5.3.

Right click in the menu bar and un-select the volume toolbox option, if I remember correctly.

Might be similar to: I cant close the Capture volume gate thing in the bottom of my screen, ts been getting on my nerves

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There it is. Had no idea there was a menu hidden there.

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i have the same problem with the volume capture window, but when i right click the menu bar there was no volume toolbox option to uncheck, can anyone help me with this?

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