I cant connect on public server or dodoeu server

i cant conect to public ts server or this ip server (dodoeu)

That’s not much detail you gave us.
Then i have you to give you the full help package.

We need more information from you!
Always report (and please report as much as you can!)

  • What client version is running?
  • Offer us a Client log!
  • What sound card and/or headset do you use?
  • What operation system is running?
  • Are all important OS updates installed?
  • Are latest drivers (Sound Card, Network Card, USB devices, Graphics Card etc.) installed?
  • Did it work before?
  • What have you tried?

You can’t connect to a server?

  • Make sure, that your server is not offline. Yes this happens sometimes.
    In that case ask a buddy to connect to the server or contact your server host/the admin.
  • Try to connect to our test server first. Please try both links under this text for testing.

Click to connect to the DNS address or Click to connect to the IP address

  • Are you sure, you did not block the client in your firewall?

  • If it fails, check your firewall settings, maybe you have blocked the client or your disallowed UDP traffic through your router or firewall.

  • If you can reach the server, ask their server provider for network problems or maybe your or their provider blocked your country.

  • Make sure ,that the server host has opened port 9987 for UDP traffic

  • Make sure your ISP allows voice programs which need UDP at all.

  • When connecting to a computer in own network always use the LAN IP of that computer. Same counts for mobile clients when you are connected in WLAN.

  • Hint: The client does not need any port forwarding. You only need to be able to connect via UDP to servers

Also read this Thread for more possible fixes:
“Failed to connect to server” - Troubleshooting & Solutions .


Otherwise the nickname isn’t working. I would try all methods. Also, try to send a ping or mtr to the server, so you can see that it’s still reachable.