I can't delete the backup from the faulty server

As a result of making an incorrect backup earlier, my servers became like the one in the picture, and I can’t delete these servers, what can I do to delete them, they look very bad

Hi, In my experience, there is nothing you can do other than delete ts3server.sqlitedb file and start all over again, obviously you can backup active server to restore it.

How did you make that backup and how can a backup break running stuff? Never heard of that.
The picture shows nothing ? Just some numbers with an X icon.

Playing around in the database is not supported and in that case you really need to clear it or use a backup of it.


I had a backup that I had before and used on my other servers, and I threw this backup over the Restore snapshot and this is the result. I have about 30 servers on the same host (server) from this backup, and since it is on other servers with the same backup, I should have discarded this backup from “create new server uid” according to the instructions, but this turned out to be the result of an instant carelessness