I cant get Serveredit min version to work

I must be doing something wrong!!
I want to make my server only accept the min version i choose i.e version 3.5.5 as current is 3.5.6
Ive logged into servery Query added the commandline - serveredit virtualserver_min_client_version=1604483867 but people can still connect with older versions.

The Build number above is for 3.5.5 (if i have it correct)
I want only people with version 3.5.5 or above to join

Im using Putty
I login get the error id=0 msg=ok
I add the command serveredit virtualserver_min_client_version=1604483867 (hit enter)
error id=0 msg=ok

SO i think all is good but when startup TS3 members still can get in with versions way back as 3.3.2

Can you help?

Oh and im currently running server version 3.13.2

Works fine here.

You did select the right server?
My guess you did not select any server and modified just the template server (SID 0)

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Hi thanks for your help but still having issues.
Ok i selected the server, i used the tool in Teamspeak to create a login and password which seemed to work but once i added the command serveredit i got another error!

I looks like ive not got permissions to change this but i am the admin which is running on our dedicated server.

_You did not select the server_ and on the template server your are not allowed to edit anything with the account that was created on another server.

Server selection happens with the use command. Type help use


I got it to work, thank you for your patients. I am new to the administration things as above.

@TS.ChrisR this should work or something is wrong?
i can’t manage to get it working for some reason. (With the timestamp of 3.2.5) Still doesn’t let the client to connect.

No. Please read server change log.

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If you mean the changelog.txt, i can’t seen to find something there. Can you give a hint?

## Server Release 3.10.0 6 November 2019

### Important
- TeamSpeak Client 3.3.0 or later is needed to connect to this and upcoming server
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I have seen this, but i thought that the minimun client version change could bypass it. Then it makes sence. Thank you.

That would make no sense to announce this at all then.
Our hardcoded min version before user set value.