I cant open the option

hello i have a question about a “bug” im installed ts3 and i wanted to open the settings but if i open the option it is only a white screen whitout any optionkeys if anyone can help me whit this “problem”.


A screenshot would be really helpful.


Ahem, English please… :angry:

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I see.
This is not good.
Can you give us the Client Log (Ctrl + L).
If this doesn’t reveal anything could you try to launch TeamSpeak with the -console option and share the output with us.
Also of course try to restart TeamSpeak and also Run it as administrator although I don’t think it will help.

Having the same poblem here.

Hello, have a cordial greeting, I need quick help, if it is solved it would be of great help, well my problem is, when I enter the ts3 everything is fine, and when I go to configure my comfort, the panel remains transparent, and nothing appears, I need this mandatory to configure the whisper, the hotkeys, and many more things, reinstall the ts3 and it did not work, I installed an older version 3.3.2, and it is not solved, it would be great It helps if it was resolved. Thanks.


Have you tried reinstalling your Team Speak? If not try that, and if that doesn’t work contact support on the forums !

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