I cant set my avatar in my server using ts5

it said error:invalid parameter , cant set my avatar

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That error unfortunately says nothing and everything the same time.

Could be

  • Filesize issue
  • Filename
  • Broken file / invalid file type
  • Server error. Could not write or delete old avatar. Queue for file transfer is full. Port for file transfer is not forwarded. File on server is detected as virus
  • more… But have no clue

Does it only happen on one server?
What server server version are you trying it?

Can you please share the image here?


Yes, but no matter which picture I use, it does not work

This is what I want to use

you could use this picutre in a 300x300 size. should work than.

The attached image is just fine.

Must be something with the server you are trying on. Please try another server.

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