I can't update my client to new version

i dont know why this still no change
at left corner,it always offline,how can i online?

What is the name of your user account? I guess it has accent keys or other than a-z or 0-9 included?
Then you need to use the installer from the website.

My account user name is all A-Z and how can i find newest version,i just download beta19 from beta.teamspeak.com

Now i can swtich to online but still cant update

try to run the ts5 as system administrator

@Stefan92, why is your solution to anything to

As for being unable to update, try to run client for few minutes and then close and reopen client. Additionally you can run updater, which is located inside TS5 installation folder, by yourself.

As for why to run client, the answer is to allow client to download updates.

If this will not help, sorry but I have no other idea.

worth a try, this can also be the solution.
for some problems, that was enough.
yes I know it’s a basic thing but they don’t always think of the simplest solution.

My guess (looking at your locale formatting) is that (as TS.ChrisR says) it’s because of an updater bug with certain characters. This should be fixed in beta 24 - so when that releases, uninstall your beta 19, reinstall from the website, and it should be OK after that.

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