I can't use voice activation on iOS client (Push-To-Talk required)

We found and fixed a bug but it won’t work with your server.

Your server is not our TeamSpeak server. This one got modified and the host has no license to sell or host this.
Please contact your host to use the server he can download from TeamSpeak Downloads | TeamSpeak or get your money back.


I will do it.
Thank you very much!

@Kaya111 This should now be fixed in the recent update, can you please confirm that this is behaving as expected



Problem solved, I am not forced to use push to talk anymore.


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I cannot change the voice mode on my iPad.
I can only use ‘push-to-talk’.if I change to the other voice mode,it will show ‘push-to-talk is required’.

I have seen the solution in the past post.