I get the error 'A referral was returned from the server'

sorry for my bad English, i didn’t find a forum in my own language.
i have activated Windows Vista. when i try to run any version of TeamSpeak, i get the error “server returned link” and the path where the client is installed.
the image is in russian, but it’s pretty clear what the error looks like. how do i fix this?wXxPA78f9RU(1)

The picture isn’t loading right now due to some aws problems - not your fault.
Is this just occurring with one specific server? Or all you are trying to join?

no, i just can’t open the client!

Does the client crash?

i get the error “the server has returned the link”. that’s all. the client doesn’t open 'cause of this

Are any crashdumps generated?
By default they should be in the folder %appdata%\TS3Client\crashdumps.

sorry, i can’t find them at this link

I honestly have no idea anymore.

ok, thank you!
maybe i can contact the developers or someone like that? how? i don’t know much about the forum or the site.

NVM! Found something!
Look there!

wow!! thank you!!! i’ll try all the ways and write here again

uhm… should i download Windows 8.1? or just Vista Service Pack 2?

I think you could be fine just updating to SP 2 and installing the microsoft fix (just update)

But disregarding TeamSpeak I strongly recommend keeping your OS up to date! At least to the point that it is still supported by the publisher / developer. Thus I recommend you to update to at least Windows 8. However I think it might not be necessary for TeamSpeak to run.

yes, i understand. unfortunately, i don’t have the necessary components of the computer to install the latest versions of Windows

OK, i’ve updated everything i can, but the error keeps appearing. why?

Take a look in here: https://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/forum/windows_7-windows_programs/always-getting-a-referral-was-returned-from-the/8a5802c8-0815-4abc-aab2-ed49dbbfb971

It was a common issue in the past.
The Vista UAC is just crap.
But it doesn’t mean you can’t run TS on it.

One more thing :slight_smile:

well… the same problem with older versions. is it impossible without updating the OS?

bad idea…
old os is not secure…
and ts is constantly being developed, and many new function come …etc
if you dont wan update your os and clients is pointless

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