I get the error 'A referral was returned from the server'

ok, thank you!
maybe i can contact the developers or someone like that? how? i don’t know much about the forum or the site.

NVM! Found something!
Look there!

wow!! thank you!!! i’ll try all the ways and write here again

uhm… should i download Windows 8.1? or just Vista Service Pack 2?

I think you could be fine just updating to SP 2 and installing the microsoft fix (just update)

But disregarding TeamSpeak I strongly recommend keeping your OS up to date! At least to the point that it is still supported by the publisher / developer. Thus I recommend you to update to at least Windows 8. However I think it might not be necessary for TeamSpeak to run.

yes, i understand. unfortunately, i don’t have the necessary components of the computer to install the latest versions of Windows

OK, i’ve updated everything i can, but the error keeps appearing. why?

One more thing :slight_smile:

well… the same problem with older versions. is it impossible without updating the OS?

bad idea…
old os is not secure…
and ts is constantly being developed, and many new function come …etc
if you dont wan update your os and clients is pointless

I have Windows 10 i think the new 200X version
GTX 1060
Ryzen 3 3100
16GB Corsair Vengance DDR4 3600mH RAM

try to re-install TeamSpeak and check if the referral error has resolved.

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ok, guys, it’s all right. the problem was resolved only after updating the OS. thanks.


Nice to hear.

Welcome to TeamSpeak :slight_smile:

last week ,I update my operating system,(the version details is below),and then ,when I doule click the ts3,it return a tips : A referral was returned from the server , how can I fix it?

Version Windows 10 Home Edition
Version number 20H2
Installation date ‎2020/‎7/‎3
Operating system internal version 19042.928
Experience Windows Feature Experience Pack 120.2212.551.0

found out which setting in specific that was causing this problem… in Local Group Policy Editor under “Computer Configuration > Windows Settings > Security Settings > Local Policies > Security Options” User Account Control: Only elevate executables that are signed and validated > Set to “Disabled” > Restart Computer/Log out then on/Refresh Desktop; Problem solved.

I hope this helps some of you out there!


I recently updated my operating system to the Windows 10 Home Edition, version 20H2, with an installation date of July 3, 2020. The internal version of the operating system is 19042.928, and the Windows Feature Experience Pack is 120.2212.551.0. However, after the update, I encountered an issue when attempting to launch the ts3 application. It displayed an error message stating, “A referral was returned from the server.” I am seeking assistance on how to resolve this problem.

Try to reinstall TeamSpeak and check if the referral error has resolved.
If not, share your log with us.

And make sure you have Installed all updates.

Windows 10 20H2 has reached end of life support in may 2022.

Please update to latest version 22H2 to fix your issues.