I got banned on a server and can't rejoin

Hello, I don’t know if I’m even allowed to ask here, how to get around bans, but I got banned on my friend’s server, and I tried to join with new identity, logged off my TS account and even used VPN, but none of those worked, and I still was banned. Does anyone know why?

Btw, I woulnd’t be asking, if I deserved the ban. However one of his staff members banned me literally for no reason.

Well, if you got banned, there are ways to get around it, but I will not tell you.

If you got banned for no particular reason, ask your friend for unban. If he will not unban you, then it means you’re not allowed on that server. Don’t say something like

and just ask why.

Sorry for this kind of answer, but this would be bad for server owner.

@Adam, @davinciTS or anyone else, please close topic. Thanks.


Hello, I’d like to get back the right to subscribe, switch to channels, chat and poke. I am very sorry for the spam in the chat and I would like to get these features back
TeamSpeak server where I got the blockade: ts.multirpg.pl

We can not help you on our forum.

We from TeamSpeak have nothing to do with these servers. Get in touch with the Admins or users on it in case you did not deserve to get banned.

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