I_group_modify_power - insufficient permissions

Hello all,

I am attempting to enable i_group_modify_power and my server is telling me I have insufficient permissions, see below for screenshot. Can anyone help me with enabling this ?

Are the Server rented or is this your own?

Hi Rikku,

This is a rented server.

You have rented the server and your provider does not allow you to set this right.
You always have rights that you are not allowed to edit as a renter of a TS3 server. But anyway just ask your hoster for this. He is the only one with full permissions to can set the right. :slight_smile:

Much obliged, I will put in a ticket !

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I wish you good luck for your Case. :slight_smile:

Hey Rikku,

The server hosting company has replied stating they are not sure if / how to enable this…lol.

He states that he is using “yaTQA”, as his admin tool, and he does not see a way to enable it, using this software.

Does this ring true to you ? Do you know yaTQA at all ? I may have to feed him instructions on how to enable.

YaTQA is a safe program where you can modify your server, but you must know your serveradmin password to login into it.

Here you can download the program - https://yat.qa/

There is a reason why this is disabled and why the host should not enable it.

Just create a new group and leave the default ones alone.