I have a paid server on gameserver, do I need this?

First off, sorry if this is not the place to post this. I have a paid TS Server on Gameservers. Myself and the other people that use/share the server are on TS5 beta (don’t know if it matters). I remember that you could set up a free server but quite honestly I didn’t look further into it. So now my yearly bill is due and I am wondering if I need the gameserver services or is there a way to get my server online for free. It’s about 6-7 users that use the teamspeak.

Thank You

Yes it is possible to create a server via TS5 for free, which has 10 slots.
It‘s currently in beta, so you can‘t e. g. create other server groups, but it works fine.


Thank got one up and running which will meet my needs in the time being.