I have been getting a constant crashing error on TeamSpeak 3 everytime I launch it

I keep getting this every time I launch Teamspeak an I have reinstalled and uninstalled many times. I just don’t know why that I am encountering this issue now.

Sent: 16384/83349 bytes

Sent: 83349/83349 bytes

Error: 201

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

AccessDeniedInvalid according to Policy: Policy expired.25WFFQK3FVYBQDN5SQmzzIYU0m5jGaOrnfKXT++Urx/noKJnL/cESKA6/nVfxDVHo4TX+Kx7c4qbGVzcdOZ3WTBOmbY=

This error shows that there was an issue on creating a crash dump.

Are u able to start the Client with -safemode parameter?

I am not sure how to do that can you explain that for me please?

If you are on Windows, simply add the parameter in the properties of TeamSpeak‘s shortcut as in the picture.

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