I have not received any mail from teamspeak


MyTeamSpeak account registration after May 2018.
I have an account on teamspeak since 22 aug. 2018 , why i dont get a badge code ?

  • Are you sure you didn’t delete the email at some point after the code was invalid?
  • Have you checked your spam folder?

It is important to note that no new email was sent, but the code from the old email was reactivated.

yea i check spam folder.
how to delete an email if I didn’t receive it :slight_smile: ?

I mean, if you had received the mail in 2018 and then deleted it at some point, for example because the code had expired. :sweat_smile:

no , i dont delete because i searching on mail and i dont see nothing

No he can’t.
Emails not received or deleted already are gone. 4 years have passed.

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