I listen to the audio from the other person's computer

I want to start by stating that we have already carried out several tests, in which 2 laptops and 2 xiaomi cell phones have been used.

I can attest that the problem is not hardware because with the Discord app the problem does not occur with any combination of devices

Why don’t we use discord and that’s it? because latency is high and we only need to communicate on the same LAN

Well, that said. The problem is that when we are connected to our lan server, if we have two devices connected, one of them hears everything that is played on the system, such as YouTube videos, its own voice and the voice of the other person.

As indicated above, we have done tests connecting different combinations of devices (2 pc, 2 android, 1 pc and 1 android, etc …)

Depending on the device combinations the “ECO” is heard on one device or another …

What we have been able to identify is that in the devices that the TS3 account of the first person is associated with, the “ECO” is not heard. It is only heard on devices that are associated with the account of the second person.

I can say that it is not a TS3 problem, because it also happened with a Mumble Doker server

As server data: OS: Unraid (Linux), Docker TS3
both accounts are TS3 server administrators

The test of the two devices has already been carried out where the “ECO” is heard and only in one of the devices the “ECO” is heard, apparently it is always the PC with this combination

We are going to swap the accounts to see if the result changes. I consider that the problem is in the devices in which the “ECO” is not heard

additionally we have not made the test of connecting the two devices where the “ECO” is not heard