I lost access to my server

Okay so… I accidentally deleted the application “TeamSpeak 3 Server” when I was cleaning up my PC.
Now that I have reinstalled it, I can’t access my server no longer because it gave me a new privilege key and I can’t use my old one again.

The IP is just the standard local IP and I used my old password but it still connects me to a new fresh empty server…

Can I ever get into my old server again? I got the old privilige key (which I could only use once), the API Key (idk what that’s for) and the server IP and password of the correct old server I’m trying to get in…

You did not lose any access to the server.
It seems the database was reset and this is why everything is gone.

To get the old data back, you need the old database or a snapshot (from before the server was reset).


Alright I’ll try to revert back to the previous version.
If I can find out how tho…

When you never made a backup / snapshot, then there is nothing you can do.

If you made backups, then take the backup of the old ts3server.sqlitedb file and insert it again into the server folder or deploy the snapshot.

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Oh… then I’ve wasted weeks of work… cuz I’ve never made a back-up… so it is gone forever now?

Is there nothing you can do? at all?

If you don’t have the server backed up or have the files somewhere on your PC we or rather the TeamSpeak Team can do nothing to restore your Server.

Ah damn… alright nah I didn’t make a back-up cuz I never thought this would happen…
Kinda stupid now that I’ve lost it all…