I met an error when setting my profile avatar

So I uploaded an image of 320*320,51KB,but met error and unable to upload it.
I have no idea at all.I have searched for some history questions but no use at all.
Plz don’t mind my poor English,hope some one can solve my problem :face_holding_back_tears:

Have you tried it a few times? In my Logs I’ve received the error

[warning] failed to request signed url(s): session invalid - triggers new login in background

But trying again worked for me. Check if your logs may output something else. Maybe you cannot reach the myTS service to upload files.

Check the latest ts5client files with the correct date


Tried for several times,no use at all.
[1227/005148.336:INFO:CONSOLE(2)] "Error uploading avatar url’’
Idk what does it mean,maybe because my I’m in CN mainland area?

Yes, It is known, that Chinese internet provider are blocking our services.
Uploading an avatar or using the client at all can result in failed connection.

So the only option might be a VPN to work around that.