I need to use a higher bitrate on my server, please tell me how to do this

The highest bit rate that can currently be set is 11.87KiB/s , This is not enough for me

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I would say the raw number of bits/s does not equate to overall quality,
it all depends on the algorithm. Opus will have a higher quality at a lower bitrate.

Yes, I’m using the opus encoder, but I need a higher bit rate,I can tell that the high frequencies of the sound are compromised when opus is running at 11.87KiB/s. If the bit rate can be doubled again, then I think the human ear will not be able to distinguish the compressed signal from the uncompressed signal

You can not raise it above the level the server offers the clients to use.

Even the current bit rate is way enough for the human ear when its for voice.


I am using my own win11 computer as the server. Is there any way to increase the maximum transmission bit rate? Can’t I customize my server parameters?

I use ts to sing, and at the highest bit rate of opus 11.87KiB/s, I can clearly feel that the high frequency of the sound becomes darker.

Because what I want to transmit is not only the human voice signal, but also the song accompaniment signal. 96kbps is not enough to transmit high-quality song sound.

No as I wrote. There is no way to raise it above values the server offers.


I understand, thank you for answering my question