I removed Admin group on myself

Accidentally removing myself from the manager’s personality on my own server has a situation to make me a new Api-Key I beg it does not let me create a new server

Do you have Rcon or querry access?
when you created the server it came with a serveradmin login. you should be able to use that login.

Have a look at this post:

Might help you out

i don’t know what to do i go there and do that but its not working

can u send me link to video that speak of this

lets start off by answering questions that are being asked in that post i linked.
Question 1: Do you host your server yourself, meaning you have access to the Admin Server Query group?
Question 2: Do you still have the password for the “serveradmin” account? (received upon the first start up of your TeamSpeak 3 server)
If yes… If you do not know how to use Server Query (telnet), please take a look at this thread: http://forum.teamspeak.com/showthrea…e-Server-Query

You still need help?
I can’t help you with a video or any other way if I don’t know anything from your server. So if you still need help. Awsner the first 2 questions on the post I linked before.